I'll say it again.... Details

That's what makes the difference between an astounding wedding and an "eh" wedding. It's details, regardless of budget.

A wedding done on a strict budget can seem to be a $30,000 production, and a $60,000 wedding can seem like a fly by night affair slapped together at the last minute.... the difference being what's put into the little details.

And as fate would have it, you've got little to not time to fuss over the little details. You've got to find a dress that'll work for 3 bridesmaids shaped like a pear, an hourglass, and a ruler. You have to decide on the color scheme. The venue just told you that you have to bring your own furniture and there's no parking within 300 yards.

Fortunately, you booked your catering with Small Thyme Catering. You went to the tasting and we filled you full of best food you've seen since Iron Chef battle Turkey. And as luck would have it, you're finding out that we here at Small Thyme Catering bring much more to the table than just showing up with some warming trays of food. We'll take care of your linens and place settings. We had also made sure to meet with you the week before your special day at the reception location for some decoration consultation to make sure that things are laid out perfectly for your guests.

When you arrive at your reception after exchanging vows, you find that Small Thyme has set up the place just as you had imagined. All the little details.