Small Get -Togethers

You're planning a get-together between you and about 12 of your best buddies from over the years. Maybe a couple from high school marching band, a good friend you met in college Chem lab who practically saved your behind because you would've failed the class without his help, and some random person you met at a bus stop some years back who ended up being one of your best friends.

All of you have drifted apart over the years as each of you sought your respective fortunes. And as life has it, you find yourselves easily within driving distance from each other and you want to plan a small get-together at your house. You'll play Jenga and Guess Who. Now for the food. You stink at cooking and would like something special for this most special rag tag group of misfits turned responsible adults.

Food for about 6 people totaling no more than $500 that doesn't taste like cardboard? Most caterers will tell you to take a walk. Here at Small Thyme Catering, we would love the opportunity to make your friends' eyes open wide as they bite into some of the most delicious cuisine they've had since sneaking into the banker's ball of '94 at the moscone center.

Give Barbara a call anytime at (925)437-3327, email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or fill out one of our handy dandy forms in the contact section. We'd love to hear your great ideas!