We Cater to All Diets

Vegan, Vegetarian, Atkins, Fat Free, Detox, Diabetic, Gluten-free, High Protein, Low Protein, Halal, Kosher, Lacto Veggi, Pescetarian, Low Sodium, All Natural Foods, Organic, Omnivore, Meatatarian, Raw Foods, or Junk Food Diet... we cater to it all!

The menu that we've prepared and have available online is only a small sampling of all the great things that we can make. We offer vegetarian and vegan menu selections designed by one of our Chefs (who is herself vegetarian). And we can also adjust or modify any of our menus, be it sit down, buffet, or a la cart, to any diet. Just let us know and we'll be more than enthused to be a part of your event!

No longer do you have to sacrifice taste or culinary happiness for health, medical, ideological, or philosophical reasons!