After the Event

Your event was a success! The guests are exhausted, full of food, and happily filing out and back home. The cleaning crew is starting to mop up. And you're standing there, looking at all these left overs and table scraps. What to do?

Well, here in San Francisco, we know and care about what happens to all this perfectly good food and wouldn't think about letting it go to waste. We will work with any food bank organization of your choosing (or if you just tell us to donate it, we've got some that we regularly work with) to make sure any it all goes to where its needed.

Or, if you prefer that we just pack it all and load it up into your car, we'll do that too!

But case in point, tossing it into the trash is a no-no, and if you've already went through all the trouble to plan your event, we wanna help make sure that all of the last small (yet important) details are taken care of - After the Event.